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You're there on game day, whether in the stands or in spirit…you sit on the edge of your seat as Westconn goes into overtime, scores the goal, hits the basket, crushes that home run, or crosses into the end zone.
Let that passion and pride continue by showing your support for our student-athletes working so hard on and off the field.


Your gift, no matter the size, to Westconn Athletics and Recreation is critical to our success by ensuring that each student has the resources, facilities, equipment and vibrant campus life to fully develop.  Your gift will allow us to continue to support coaches and staff who also serve as mentors and educators, foster athletic prowess, continue community service efforts, and ensure academic success. It will afford us the resources to better unify alumni, recognize student athlete’s successes, and achieve the next level of post season play.   With your help, we can provide our students with outstanding opportunities on the field, in the classroom, and in our larger community.

Most of all it Ensure Excellent, Inspire Pride, and Build Champions.


This is our game plan – and we need your help!


Join us today and help our student-athletes every day, every game and every season.