By Laws 


ARTICLE I. Purpose 

The Western Connecticut State University Alumni Association, INC (hereinafter the “Association”) shall utilize this document to house the general content that the organization needs for daily operations as well as for governing rules. 

This document is in accordance of Connecticut General State Statute Volume 10 Title 33 Chapter 602 Section 10-1030 By Laws that requires corporations to adopt By Laws. 


ARTICLE II. Rules of the Day 

This section contains rules for how we operate meetings 

Section 1. Agenda items shall include the following topics but not limited to: Call to order, Roll Call, Business from the floor, Officer Reports, Committee Reports, Old Business, New Business and Announcements. 

Section 2. The use of technology to have a Board Member or Guest attend the Board Meeting needs a vote of the membership to be approved by a simple majority. Their level of participation is at the discretion of the chair. Board Members observing via technology do not count towards quorum. 

Section 3. At any Meeting of the Association, including the Annual Meeting, motions may be brought in accordance with Article XII of the Constitution herein and are subject to all applicable limitations.  

Section 4. Each member may speak twice on a particular motion but will be limited to no more than five (5) minutes on each of those two (2) occasions, with discretion of the chair. 

Section 5. The board shall use as the operative edition of Robert’s Rules of Order: is the 11th edition. 

Section 6. Voting rules for specific issues not covered in Constitution: 

  1. If at any point a Life Member shall be hired or appointed to such a role that the Constitution designates as non-voting the Life Member shall only have voting rights for election of board membership at the Annual Meeting if they meet all requirements set forth for any Alumni to vote in the elections. 
  2. Email voting shall be allowed on all topics except membership not covered in the Constitution. 


Section 1. Annual budget funding requests from Committees must be submitted to the Finance committee.  

Section 2. Funding Requests from outside of the Board: 

  1. All requests must be submitted on the approved form available from the Alumni Office. 
  2. If the Request is approved the following requirements are needed to be met. The Alumni Association shall be listed as a sponsor or co-sponsor, the event shall display signage about the sponsorship (signs available via Alumni Office). After the event the Board shall receive a list of contact information from Alumni and Friends in attendance of the event. 
  3. If this is a first time request from an organization it is mandatory that a representative be at the meeting to answer questions on the request. 

Section 3. The board shall annually approve those Officers as needed to have access to the funds of the organization as needed by our banking partners. 

Section 4. Scholarship funding 

  1. General Student Scholarships: This award is based on academic achievement and university/community activities. Students must complete the application process in order to be considered.  
  2. Graduate Student Scholarships: The award is based on academic achievement and financial need. Only graduate students will be considered. Students must complete the application process in order to be considered.  
  3. May Sherwood Scholarship: This award is based on academic achievement. Students must be junior education majors entering their senior year. They must complete the application process in order to be considered.  
  4. Eric Wellman Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded by the Alumni Association to full-time undergraduate students majoring in Justice and Law. The award is based on academic achievement and university/community activities. Applicants must be a junior entering senior year, complete the application process and meet the criteria in order to be considered.  
  5. Neil Wagner Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded by the Alumni Association to a full-time undergraduate student entering his/her senior year. The award is based on academic achievement, university and community activities and enthusiastic support of the university. Applicants must complete the application process and meet the criteria in order to be considered.  

ARTICLE IV. Committees 

The Board has standing committees that may have additional By Laws not provided for in the Constitution shall be attached here. 

Section 1. Hall of Fame Committee By Laws attached at the end of the document. 

ARTICLE V.  Affiliate groups 

Section 1. Affiliate groups may reserve rooms through the alumni office. 

Section 2. The following are Affiliate Alumni groups that have been authorized by the Board: 

  1. WCSU Nursing Society 
  2. The WCSU Media Society 

ARTICLE VI.  Annual Meeting 

Section 1. The Agenda of the Annual meeting shall be posted prior to the meeting. 

Section 2. All Alumni may participate in the Annual Meeting as provided for in the Constitution with. 

Section 3. After the election of Board Members the election for Officers occurs. Those members interested in running for Office shall make a brief statement of intent that does not exceed five (5) minutes and answer questions. The election will be a secret ballot. 


ARTICLE VIII. Amending the By Laws 

Section 1. These By Laws may be amended or added onto with a 2/3rds vote of the voting membership of the board. 

Section 2. Each Article will be for specific areas of operation. 

ARTICLE IX. Ratification of the Bylaws 

These Bylaws were Ratified and adopted as follows: 
Enter Initial Date: June 1, 2016 
After the initial ratification of these By Laws each amendment shall have the date ratified after it in the document. 




(Reviewed and Edited 1/28/15) 


I. Award Categories  

  A. Player(s)  

  B. Coach(es 

  C. Supporter(s)  

  D. Team(s)  

II. Selection Criteria  

  A. The Player  

     1. An alumnus or alumna of Western Connecticut State University.  

     2. At least five years since June following the nominee’s last varsity contest.   

     3. Preferably selected to at least one post-season all-star team.*  

   B.   The Coach  

     1. Must have high degree of success compared to similar institutions, and similar eras, with an impressive winning record.  

     2. Preferably guided at least one team to a post-season tournament, or acknowledged with a prestigious award.*  

     3. Preferably coached at WCSU for at least three seasons.  

     4. Must have left the coaching position at least five years prior to selection, but may still be at WCSU in another capacity.  

     5. Retired coaches with twenty years of coaching history at WCSU can be considered immediately.  

  C.  The Support Person  

     1. Anyone who made a significant contribution to the WCSU athletic program, or has provided long periods of support to the Athletic Department.  

     2. The nominee might be a major financial donor to athletics, a life-long avid fan, an administrator with a special affinity for athletics, a newspaper or radio/TV sports reporter, et al.  

  D.  The Team(s)  

     1. The Team should display superior performance for a number of years and contribute significantly to the sport.  

     2. The Team should have participated in a number of post-season tournaments.  

     3. If a Team wins the conference championship it automatically gets nominated for the Conference Champions section of the Hall of Fame.  

     4. Any athletic team that had a major impact on their particular sport or the athletic program, as a whole, may be considered.  

  E.  Additional Qualifications  

     1. The individual should be so outstanding that there is no legitimate question about qualifying for the Hall of Fame.  

     2. Achievements should be on record in the WCSU Athletic Department or verified by copies of news clippings, yearbook write-ups, certificates of achievement, etc.  

     3. Must be a good citizen of the University and the community, and not have caused unfavorable publicity for the University, community, or the Alumni Association.  

      4. Only WCSU varsity athletic achievements can be considered for induction, although other achievements can be reported in publicity and publications.  

* All-star teams, tournaments, and awards were uncommon or nonexistent in earlier years. Also, documentation of achievements might not exist, especially for older alumni.  This should be taken into consideration (also see Section VI. C.).   

III. The Awards  

  A. A plaque will be displayed in the WCSU Athletic Hall of Fame Room.  

  B. Each inductee will receive a plaque. Inductees may purchase an official WCSU Hall of Fame ring.  

  C. The inductee and a guest chosen by the inductee will be invited to attend the induction ceremony as guests of the committee.  

  D. Induction ceremonies will usually be held at Homecoming or an alternate date if required.  

IV. Membership of the Selection Committee  

  A. The Committee will be approved annually by the Alumni Association Board.  

  B. Individuals may be reassigned to the committee each year.  

  C. Committee composition:  

     1. Chair: to be appointed by the Alumni Board of Directors;  

     2. Four (4) WCSU alumni selected by the Alumni Board of Directors; preferably from different eras.  Two of these people will be members of the Athletic Hall of Fame;  

     3. WCSU Sports Information Director;  

     4. WCSU Alumni Director;  

     5. Two (2) people from the coaching staff, one each representing men’s and women’s varsity sports, selected by the Alumni Board of Directors;  

     6. The Committee may add one or two retirees who have knowledge of athletes from earlier eras; they will have no voting privileges;  

     7. Substitutes for the above categories can be recommended by the Committee or the Alumni Board.  

  D. Current committee members are not eligible for induction. The committee member must wait a year after resigning from the committee before being considered.  

V. Nomination Procedures  

  A. A nomination can be submitted by anyone on the approved form and submitted by the deadline date.  Forms are available from the WCSU Athletic Department, WCSU Alumni Office, and online.  

  B. The Athletic Department’s Sports Information Director will verify any available information and distribute it to the committee.  

  C. Nomination procedures and criteria for the Athletic Hall of Fame should be published in the alumni newspaper and any other appropriate publications well in advance.  Notices should also be mailed to all Hall of Fame members, Athletic Department personnel, and to other interested people.  

  D. The nomination deadline should be at least six months prior to the induction to allow adequate time for gathering information and disseminating publicity.  

VI. Selection Procedures  

  A. Committee meets as soon as possible after the nominees have been researched.  

  B. Committee strives for full attendance, but a quorum shall exist when a simple majority (50% plus 1) is present.  

  C. Committee should try to select people/team(s) from a wide range of sports, and be sensitive to different levels of competition over the years, gender, ethnicity, and age.  

  D. If a nominee is not chosen, Committee will classify the person as follows:  

     1. Should be reconsidered next year.  

     2. Should not be reconsidered, unless new documentation is submitted.  

  E. Upon majority vote of Committee members present, a nominee for induction shall be reported to the Alumni Board for consideration.  

  F. Nominators and nominees shall be informed of the Committee’s decision.  

  G. Maximum/minimum of Player(s)/Coach(s)/Supporter(s)/Team(s):  

     1. A maximum of five players plus one coach and/or one support person can be inducted annually following the first three induction ceremonies, with no minimum quota per year.  

     2. There is no minimum regarding the induction of team(s); induction will not afftect the maximum in Section VI, G, 1.  

     3. For the first year (2015), two teams may be inducted into the Hall of Fame – one (1) Men’s team and one (1) Women’s team; in succeeding inductions only one (1) team may be considered, either a Men’s team or a Women’s team.  

  H. If an inductee has a schedule conflict with the upcoming induction date, the inductee can be automatically shifted to the next induction. The committee can select a supplementary inductee to replace someone who has a conflict.  

VII. Responsibilities  

  A. The Committee and the Athletic Department must ensure timeliness of operation.  

  B. Alumni Board of Directors must review all Committee recommendations and revisions.  

  C. Committee may consider mitigating circumstances, after conferring with the Alumni Board of Directors.