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Western Connecticut State University is preparing for national accreditation of our BS and MS in Nursing and Post-Masters Certificate programs by the Commission on Collegiate Nurse Education (CCNE) in Fall 2018. CCNE is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as an accrediting body of baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs. A team of four CCNE reviewers will perform an on-site evaluation of these programs on September 24, 25, and 26th 2018.  
As CCNE seeks input from the public, we encourage you to submit any comments regarding the programs' qualifications pertaining to accreditation standards. Written third-party comments will be received by CCNE until 21 days before the scheduled on-site evaluation. All written third-party comments must be received by CCNE by September 3, 2018. Please submit comments to: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, Attn: Third-Party Comments, 655K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001; P: (202)4636930; F: (202)785-8320 - or - thirdpartycomments@ccneaccreditation.org  
Please do not hesitate to contact Joan Palladino if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
Joan Palladino Ed.D, RN, Chair, Department of Nursing, Associate Professor, 181 White St. Danbury, Ct. 06810, P: (203) 837-8651; F: (203) 837-8550; palladinoj@wcsu.edu

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 WCSU nursing program adds study-abroad component   -  Image of nursing trip to Greece

The Western Connecticut State University Department of Nursing, already well-regarded for its graduates’ impressive results on the state NCLEX exam, has added a new component for students interested in pursuing nursing studies: the opportunity to study abroad.

WCSU Assistant Professor of Nursing Dr. Monica Sousa and Professor of Nursing Dr. Cathy Rice led a group of 16 students on a nine-day trip this spring to Thessaloniki, Greece. While there, the students were able to observe at public and private hospitals, elderly community centers, fertility clinics and nursing schools, which led to lessons and conversations about the differences in health care and nursing education and practices between the United States and Greece.

Rice, Sousa and students were invited to present at a conference at Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki in Greece in mid-March. Sousa discussed “Nursing and Nursing Education in the United States” and Rice presented “Disaster Preparedness and Response.” WCSU and Greek nursing students participated in a panel discussion regarding their nursing education experiences and challenges.

Sousa said, “Many nursing programs across Connecticut have established study-abroad programs within their own curriculum and I wanted to provide our nursing students the experience of a lifetime. After so much planning, the trip was more than words can describe. Our host, Professor Dimitris Theofanidis, led the group through Greek culture, traditions and history. Students were able to see what health care looks like from another country and gain a new appreciation regarding caring for patients who have backgrounds different from our own.”

Sousa said future study-abroad opportunities for student nurses are being planned for 2020 and beyond.




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