WCSU Alumni Association Ethics/Conflict of Interest Statement

A conflict of interest is generally any activity that is, or appears to be, opposed to the best interests of the WCSU Alumni Association or would tend to impair independence of judgment or action in the performance of official duties.

  • Board members should not work for an Association vendor or affinity partner.
  • Board members may not receive any gifts, loans, consulting fees, or personal profit in connection with any transaction involving the Association.
  • Board members may not utilize Association lists or contacts to market their own third-party goods and services, even if they are unrelated to Association business.
  • Board members who have a financial interest in any third party that does business or desires to do business with the Association should notify the Board of Directors in writing to create adequate protection against the conflict.
  • A financial interest in a third party by a close relative* of a Board member is also treated as a financial interest of the Board member.
  • If a conflict of interest exists, the Board member will disclose it in writing to the Board of Directors and abstain from participation in any decisions related to the conflict situation.
  • Actual or apparent conflicts of interest should be avoided; if unclear whether or not a situation creates a conflict of interest, it is the Board member’s affirmative duty to fully disclose and bring the matter to the Board of Directors for review and disposition.
  • The Board of Directors is the ultimate enforcement authority with respect to the interpretation and application of this policy.

*For the purposes of this provision, the term "close relative" shall be deemed to include a parent, spouse, child, the spouse of a child, a grandchild, brothers and sisters (including adopted siblings) both of the whole, or half blood relation.